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SAFECID HAR 101 Toilet & Urinal Cleaner is as strong as hydrochloric or muriatic acid, yet is safe. SAFECID HAR 101 Toilet & Urinal Cleaner deep cleans and removes lime, calcium, scale, mineral deposits, organic stains, hard water residue, phosphates, urinal salts and rust stains from toilets, urinals, pipes and equipment without harming the finish. No need to use heavy scrubbing with scouring pads which can harm surface finishes. Product is safe for the user and the environment, biodegrades in 10 days or less, is a US EPA Designed for the Environment (DfE) product and approved for direct discharge. WARNINGS: – Wear protective eye wear. In the event of eye contact rinse eyes with water. – Extended exposure or soaking in product may cause stinging in open sores, cuts or around fingernails. Use of nitrile gloves is suggested. – As with any cleaners keep out of reach of children. – Product will attack concrete, masonry, marble, aluminum, zinc, and galvanized metal.

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